Welcome to NoWaiting

We are a warm and welcoming mental health clinic, in Manchester city centre, providing high quality psychotherapy, counselling and clinical hypnosis on 1 to 1 basis in person or online Whatever the concern, it is our priority to provide resolutions to these by using high quality therapeutic practices.

Our main specialities are the following: 'couples counselling / relationship management', 'weight loss treatments', 'overcoming depression', ‘managing and stopping addictions e.g. smoking, drugs, alcohol' and 'stress management'.

The psychological treatments and Talking therapies we offer include:
☻ Psychotherapy
☻ Counselling for individuals and couples
☻ Neuro Linguistic Programming
☻ Clinical Hypnosis
Based upon your circumstances and what is wanted, several treatments can be used to address the issue at hand. Popular treatments we do are shown below:

The Procedure

All treatments we do, will require an initial consultation to ensure we can help. All treatments are done in complete ‘confidence’. A treatment plan will be created at this point. In some cases treatments can begin straight away or from the 2nd session.


Most treatments are done in person at our Manchester city centre office with an appropriate specialist, but treatments can also be done online if preferred. To make a booking, simply click here to let us know when the appointment is wanted for or phone us on: