Addictions can develop from many activities, including drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs, eating, gambling, having sex and using the Internet. Often addictions begin as a result of how these activities make people feel emotionally and physically. These feelings can be pleasurable - triggering a powerful urge to carry out the activity again to recreate this 'high'. This can develop into a repetitive cycle that becomes very hard to break.

In many cases people who are addicted are not aware of their addiction and the impact it may be having on their work, relationships and health. As a result many are unable to quit on their own and treatment is required. The Addiction treatments provided are crucial for helping sufferers to recognise their condition and how their emotional needs are affecting their behaviour. This can be an important step on the road to recovery and, eventually abstinence.

Some addictions will require 'physical detoxification' done via a local health authority e.g. for for class A and class B drugs Counselling services are still available before a physical examination and if restricted by a budget it is best to do the relevant 'detoxification' procedure prior or while having the treatments.

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