Every individual has unique circumstances and some people will have similar ones. We have consultants that can help with all of the following issues and more.

Standard treatment

A professional will help you get over the problems experienced and being experienced, providing emotional support and someone to talk to.


Do you feel a little or very sad, alone and things are getting worst, crying, sleepless during the night, with negative thoughts and doubting yourself , like everything should just stop ?


Feeling fear because of somethings or situations ? Having panic attacks and shaking for no reason at all, influencing sleep and work and energy levels ?

Confidence building

Doubting yourself with negative thoughts, fearing failure, fear of success, caring too much about the thoughts of others, reduced desire to be motivated and procrastinating resulting in opportunities being missed ? Each situation is different and we will help deal with it individually.


Having difficulty relaxing, sleeping, thoughts racing through the mind, headaches, heart palpitations, tension throughout the body, anger and loss of control. This issue can have severe effect on health and well being.

relationships / couples counselling

Are you always arguing, fighting, abusing, cursing each other, each other trust reducing, things being nothing like they were when both of you were together perhaps with love being something from the past ?

smoking and addictions

There are many reasons for addictions taking place, whether it be smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex or something else. These treatments will completely customised.

Other treatments

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