Our 'talking therapies' can include:

  • Counselling and 'Psychotherapy',
  • Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies and emotion therapy
  • NLP' – Neuro Linguistic programming'
  • Clinical Hypnosis

We do our best to get better then standard results. All services are customised to individual circumstances.

Service Procedure:

• The 1st session is the "initial consultation", so we can understand what is wanted and create an 'appropriate' treatment plan.
• The 2nd session will be where primary issues will be addressed, with each being attended to 1 at a time.
• Any following sessions will act as follow up treatments to make sure results are being attained. Treatment lengths vary depending upon the issue or issues being addressed. The average number of sessions per issue is 3, but can be less or more if it is appropriate to do so. Each session costs £65 and may last up to 1 hour 30 minutes”. Treatments and consultations can be done via ‘SKYPE’ software also. Some example treatments are shown below:

Love and Relationships: Whether it be wanting to start a new one, wanting more balance without misunderstanding each other or perhaps there is some separation anxiety, we will offer strategies and techniques to improve communication skills up to an extent on a 1 to 1 basis.

Stress:Maybe you want to react to scenarios in a much lighter manner with clarity of expression or have more calm in life or something else

Addiction & Smoking Treatments: With smoking or drug addictions, several treatments are done for the conscious and sub-conscious to support each other more

Anxiety, fear and confidence: By improving scope, assertiveness with firm foundations, be it a relationship, making a speech, being more social or anything even panic or anxiety, the treatments we provide are intended to address numerous factors influencing ‘confidence levels’-subject to individual circumstances.

Weight loss: Our treatment focuses on diet change & teaching each client how the body reacts to different stimuli. This will have an impact on the hunger level, cravings, metabolic rate and lifestyle.

Other Treatments: Numerous ‘mental’ and ‘emotional conditions’ like ‘depression‘, ‘stress‘ and more can be addressed ‘up to an extent’ using the treatments we provide even physical symptoms like ‘itching and pain up to an extent.

stress‘ and more can be addressed ‘up to an extent’ using the treatments we provide even physical symptoms like ‘itching and pain up to an extent. We will support you every step of the way

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Individual results may vary. For more information, please visit our disclaimer

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We can also do "online treatments,
if preferred"

We provide online treatments via Skype.